isis unveiled: chapter IV (a testimony)

“In many cases of trance, artificially induced by mesmerization, it is also quite possible, even quite probable, that it is the “spirit” of the subject which acts under the guidance of the operator’s will.

But, if the medium remains conscious, the psycho-physical phenomena occur which indicates a directing intelligence, then, unless it be conceded that he is a “magician”, and can project his double, physical exhaustion can signify nothing more than nervous prostration. The proof that he is the passive instrument of unseen entities controlling occult potencies, seems conclusive.

Even if Thury’s ectenic and Crooke’s psychic force are substantially of the same derivation, the respective discoverers seem to differ widely as to the properties and potencies of this force; while Professor Thury candidly admits that the phenomena are often produced by “wills not human”, and so, of course, gives a qualified endorsement to Mr. Crooke’s theory No. 6, the latter, admitting the genuineness of the phenomena, has as yet pronounced no definite opinion as to their cause.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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