understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“To Me, there is no point so very wonderful, as to understand that the Higher Mental Body of every human being, no matter how destructive they may be, wants them to be constructive, wants them to give forth a blessing just the same as you do.

Therefore, do you not see, Beloved Ones, that you are not contending with a power of any kind of creation; but you are contending with a power released from human beings and energy qualified, that has no sustaining power to it.

Won’t you feel that, Beloved 100% Students; and then understand what your service means in calling forth the dissolving, consuming activity of the “Great Presence of all Life”, the Cosmic Beings and the Cosmic Light to render This Service.

I am speaking tonight of Europe, because it is urgent. We urged the Messengers to retire the moment they returned home last night, that They could go forth and give the assistance which was required there.

Do you quite understand, Beloved Ones, how these two humble Ones work night and day, serving night and day. They do not call it work; but no sooner do Their heads strike the pillow, then They are out working from the Higher Mental Body, rendering This Service.


Do you know what it means tonight, you as 100% Students?


Please listen carefully. These two Individuals, because of certain things, which I may not explain to you, must be used to carry these Mighty Currents to Earth.

Therefore, when Their bodies sleep, then They are working from the Higher Mental Body, because of the connection with the physical body, They can be used to release these Mighty Currents to the Earth.

Just as last night, because of the Mighty Power of Victory, that Power of the Cosmic Light Rays was driven into the Earth for the sustained protection of San Francisco, and Their bodies had to be at a certain point where They had gained and released tremendous power and energy.

The outer world and you, Beloved Students, did not know that, and the Messengers Themselves did not; but you see how the Great Law acts through the Great Wisdom of the Ascended Ones, to bring about conditions, causing activities to take place that the outer human does not comprehend, even in a fragmentary manner.

So as this Great Releasing Power goes forth, this Great Consuming Activity, remember Beloved Ones, how magnificent a Part of That each one of you is.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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