Isis Unveiled: chapter III (The mirror of the soul)

“The lotus is the product of fire (heat) and water, hence the dual symbol of spirit and matter. The God Brahma is the second person of the Trinity, as are Jehovah (Adam-Kadmon) and Osiris, or rather Pimander, or the Power of the Thought Divine, of Hermes; for it is Pimander who represents the root of all the Egyptian Sun-gods.

The Eternal is the Spirit of Fire, which stirs up and fructifies and develops into a concrete form of everything that is born of water or the primordial earth, evolved out of Brahma; but the universe is itself Brahma, and he is the universe.

This is the philosophy of Spinoza, which he derived from that of Pythagoras; and it is the same for which Bruno died a martyr. How much Christian theology has gone astray from its point of departure, is demonstrated in this historical fact.

Bruno was slaughtered for the exegesis of a symbol that was adopted by the earliest Christians, and expounded by the apostles!

The sprig of water-lilies of Bhodisat, and later of Gabriel, typifying fire and water, or the idea of creation and generation, is worked into the earliest dogma of the baptismal sacrament.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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