understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, Dear Ones, We have talked, the Messengers have talked a lot about those things here, but it is because They love you so much that They want you to be thoroughly cognizant of the conditions that will set you Free.

Those things, Oh, the momentum of centuries, Beloved Ones, the desire to gossip, judge, condemn – all of which is a condition of inharmony which is preventing the Powers of your “Presence” giving you the Perfection It has always wanted you to have.

If mankind do that, the fault is theirs. If they do not want to be Free, that is the way to keep from it;

but the way to be Free is, when discordant thought and feeling act, keep your attention on the “Presence”, and “saw wood” – not like when you are asleep, but I mean by “sawing wood”, your earnest, sincere, dynamic Application.

There is not one thing in your world that can stand before it!

We have wished so many times that every earnest, sincere “I AM” Student in America might see for one moment from the Higher Octave, all that has been accomplished in four years. It is the most marvelous thing ever in the history of the Earth, and think, you are only just getting started now.

What do you think another year or two years would be with your tremendous dynamic Application – I mean to you individually, as well as your city, state and nation?

It is Magnificent; It is Marvelous; and the opportunity is with you!”

Ascended Master Youth

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