Isis Unveiled: chapter III (The mirror of the soul)

“Professor Buchanan’s Outlines of Lectures on the Neurological System of Anthropology, a work written so far back as 1854, contains suggestions that, if the sciolists would only heed them, would show how a bridge can be thrown across this dreadful abyss.

It is one of the bins in which the thought-seed of future harvests is stored up by a frugal present. But the edifice of materialism is based entirely upon that gross sub-structure – the reason.

When they have stretched its capabilities to their utmost limits, its teachers can at best only disclose to us a universe of molecules animated by an occult impulse.

What better diagnosis of the ailment of our scientists could be asked than can be derived from Professor Tyndall’s analysis of the mental-state of the Ultramontane clergy by a very slight change of names.

For “spiritual guides” read “scientists”, for “prescientific past” substitute “materialistic present”, say “spirit” for “science”, and in the following paragraph we have a life portrait of the modern man of science drawn by the hand of a master:

“…Their spiritual guides live so exclusively in the prescientific past, that even the really strong intellects among them are reduced to atrophy as regards scientific truth. Eyes that have and see not; ears that have and hear not; for both eyes and ears are taken possession of by the sights and sounds of another age.

In relation to science, the Ultramontaine brain, through lack of exercise, is virtually the undeveloped brain of the child. And thus it is that as children in scientific knowledge, but as potent wielders of spiritual power among the ignorant, they countenance and enforce practices sufficient to bring the blush of shame to the cheeks of the more intelligent among themselves.”

The Occultists holds the mirror up to science that it may see how it looks itself.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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