understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This point has never been explained in the Work, but if you will understand This and realize your Higher Mental Body is the spokesman, or is the Releaser of Power and Energy to you, but It never acts of Its own Self.

It acts through the Direction of the “Presence”, ascending into the Octave of the “Presence”.

That is why this “Presence” never knows one single thing about what is to be done down here, about your troubles and all the conditions; because the Higher Mental Body never refers to the “Presence” any discord down here, but It says to the “Presence”: “Now what can be done for these conditions that are required?”

It is a condition of the activity of energy governed by the vibratory action set up, but It neither refers to your personality or to the existing conditions which It wishes to have remedied.

It is a marvelous Activity of Life which for the first time, as far as I know, has ever been attempted to be explained.

As you understand That, you will see how the Authority of your Higher Mental Body always comes from the “Presence of Life”; and in all requirements in the human octave, It knows exactly what is to be done and from the “Presence” takes the authority for what takes place.”

Ascended Master Youth

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