understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One of the things today, and of course, it has been spread over America broadcast – I do not mean over the radio – but by mail, that the Messengers were hypnotizing people and that this was a work of black magicians, and all that silly crazy thing; but when you see anybody in the World today that pours forth the Kindness, the Power of Divine Love and Blessing that these two Messengers do, then show them to me.

Therefore: “By their works ye shall know them.” But if mankind listen to foolish human gossip and fail to utilize the opportunity, then they have missed their opportunity; but the Messengers are not concerned about that.

Their part is to go forth and do the Work, and leave mankind free to come or not; and that is true, absolutely, and has been from the beginning and will always be so.

Show Me any activity in the World today that never asks a human being for a dime! The Messengers have never asked a human being for a dime and never will. Mankind must be left free to give or not; and the success of that shows that the Heart of mankind is right, is good, if left alone to Its own decision.

Then when an individual comes and feels that they are free, then the Powers of their own Life can direct them to do whatever is the right thing for them to do.

That is the most Magnificent Thing before the World today.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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