Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“Descartes was one of the few who believed and dared say that to occult medicine we shall owe discoveries “destined to extend the domain of philosophy”; and Brierre de Boismont not only shared in these hopes but openly avowed his sympathy with “supernaturalism”, which he considered the universal “grand creed.”

“…We think with Guizot”, he says, “that the existence of society is bound up in it. It is vain that modern reason, which, notwithstanding its positivism, cannot explain the intimate cause of any phenomena, rejects the supernatural; it is universal, and at the root of all hearts. The most elevated minds are frequently its most ardent disciples.” (Brierre de Boismont: “On Hallucinations”, p.60 (p. 73)”
H. P. Blavatsky

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