Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“In the legendary history of Friar Bacon, as  “well as in an old play written by Robert Green, a dramatist in the days of Queen Elizabeth, it is recounted, that, having been summoned before the king, the friar was induced to show”  some of his skill before her majesty the queen.

So he waved his hand (his wand, says the text), and  “presently was heard such excellent music, that they all said they had never heard the like.”

Then there was heard a still louder music and four apparitions suddenly presented themselves and danced until they vanished and disappeared in the air. Then he waved his wand again, and suddenly there was such a smell “as if all the rich perfumes in the whole world had been there prepared in the best manner that art could set them out.”

Then Roger Bacon having promised a gentleman to show him his sweetheart, he pulled a hanging in the king’s apartment aside and everyone in the room saw “a kitchen-maid with a basting ladle in her hand.”

The proud gentleman, although he recognized the maiden who disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared, was enraged at the humiliating spectacle, and threatened the friar with his revenge.

What does the magician do?

He simply answers: “Threaten not, lest I do more shame; and do you take heed how you give scholars the lie again!””

H. P. Blavatsky

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