understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why I say to you tonight, Beloved People, you have seen it manifest before you everywhere. When the human self of an individual will not give obedience to Life, not even the Ascended Masters can depend upon him. You see how imperative it is?

Saint Germain has gathered a great family together, nearly four hundred thousand people. Are His Family going to fail Him now, when He has brought them to the Gate, the Open Doorway of Freedom?

You are there at this point NOW! I say this to all the Beloved, earnest, sincere Students of America and the World, YOU STAND IN THE OPEN DOORWAY OF YOUR ETERNAL FREEDOM. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY OF THE COURAGE AND STRENGTH TO STEP THROUGH INTO THE LIGHT IS THERE! THIS IS ETERNAL!

Beloved Ones, it is not just your present requirement and achievement, but it is your Eternal Freedom which you are entering into forever! forever! and forever!

Oh, it is so vastly different from anything which has taken place in the outer world before. That was temporary achievement of all descriptions; but today, you in your Application, in every step you gain today, are entering into Eternal Freedom forever, which will bring you into your Eternal Light Body, the Electronic Body of your “Mighty Presence”, when you become the Ascended Being – Master of all substance and conditions forever.

In all the Spheres of the Universe, you become the Master as the Ascended Ones are of all Substance and Energy and can produce at will, anything They require.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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