Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“We know that every exertion of will results in force, and that, according to the above-named German school, the manifestations of atomic forces are individual actions of will, resulting in the unconscious rushing of atoms into the concrete image already subjectively created by the will.

Democritus taught, after his instructor Leucippus, that the first principles of all things contained in the universe were atoms and a vacuum. In its kabalistic sense, the vacuum means in this instance the latent Deity, or latent force, which at its first manifestation became WILL, and thus communicated the first impulse to these atoms – whose agglomeration, is matter.

This vacuum was but another name for chaos, and an unsatisfactory one, for, according to the Peripatetics “nature abhors a vacuum.”

That before Democritus the ancients were familiar with the idea of the indestructibility of matter is proved by their allegories and numerous other facts.

Movers gives a definition of the Phoenician idea of the ideal sun-light as a spiritual influence issuing from the highest God, IAO, “the light conceivable only by intellect – the physical and spiritual Principle of all things; out of which the soul emanates.”

It was the male Essence, or Wisdom, while the primitive matter or Chaos was the female. This the two first principles – co-eternal and infinite, were already with the primitive Phoenicians, spirit and matter.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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