Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“There is a reflection of every one of these views in Schopenhauer’s philosophy. Our “investigating” scientists might consult his works with profit. They will find therein many a strange hypothesis founded on old ideas, speculations on the “new” phenomena, which may prove as reasonable as any, and be saved the useless trouble of inventing new theories.

The psychic and ectenic forces, the “ideo-motor” and “electro-biological powers”; “latent thought” and even “unconscious cerebration” theories, can be condensed in two words: the kabalistic ASTRAL LIGHT.

The bold theories and opinions expressed in Schopenhauer’s works differ widely with those of the majority of our orthodox scientists. “In reality”, remarks this daring speculator, “there is neither matter nor spirit.

The tendency to gravitation in a stone is as unexplainable as thought in human brain….if matter can – no one knows why – fall to the ground, then it can also – no one knows why – think….As soon, even in mechanics, as we trespass beyond the purely mathematical, as soon as we reach the inscrutable, adhesion, gravitation, and so on, we are faced by phenomena which are to our senses as mysterious as the WILL and THOUGHT in man – we find ourselves facing the incomprehensible, for such is every force in nature.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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