understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When I found Myself completely released from that body, which had really served Me so well, then I saw it – I saw how remarkable that body of mine had served me; and when with one dynamic sweep, and mark you now – I’ll let you rest a few moments on Those Words, that it might take hold in your feeling world before I come back to it to draw your attention to it again.

Now remember, not only had that which occurred with this Messenger, but that which occurred with Me when that Gigantic Release of Energy swept through My mind and body and My feeling world, at seeing that Crystal Cup – it did release in one mighty sweep that Purifying Activity to My physical body. Do you see that?

Now then, look at the difference. Mr. Rayborn went through several months of preparation for the Ascension. In My experience, It came in one gigantic sweep.

Dear Blessed People, who of you here tonight, or of all the Students in America today, who of you shall say that same thing may not be done for you within the hour?

That is what I want you to feel, if you will. Do not limit yourselves to what the Powers of your “Presence” can do in, through and for you.

I want you to feel definitely that your “Presence”, even though the appearance world, still to some degree, holds your attention, still may that not interfere with what your “Presence” might do for you at a given moment.

Oh, I want you to feel that so much, if you will tonight. It will bring such release to you, Dear People.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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