understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I trust that before many months have passed, the ever-increasing Cosmic Light in the mental and feeling world of mankind will draw such numbers into This, that their Mighty Decrees for the rest of mankind will do Its quick and Perfect Work in the mental and feeling world of mankind.

As you are sitting here tonight, Beloved Ones, you are listening to My Words; but Dear People, in the mental and feeling world is the POWER OF ACTION that is important. You may believe My Words – I trust you do – but that is only the smallest part of it.

The Vibratory action created by those Words and That which is released, aside from those Words into the room, into your mental and feeling world, is the thing that is doing the great work for you, and that is why mankind will come to understand that their FEELING is the important thing!

Oh, you thought that what you have been taught was important; it is really not important in comparison with the intensity of the power with which your feeling acts.

That is why Saint Germain should be blessed forever for bringing forth to the attention of mankind, the importance of mankind’s feeling world, for there is where all creation takes place, where all generation of discord takes place. Then mankind comes to know it through the mental world.

But I say to you, GOVERN YOUR FEELING!

Keep it harmonious, and the Gates of Heaven, the “Mighty I AM Presence”, will open and flood you and your world with every good thing there is for the use of mankind!

I wish I could speak Those Words into the feeling world of every human being in the World for action, and the Messengers have so long stressed that to the people and the Students.

Mankind will one day find that It is the ALL-IMPORTANT thing.

Once their feeling is controlled and harmonious, the very gates of Their own Being will open wide, and from their Treasurehouse will come the Release of everything any one requires for use in action, in the world of physical action.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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