Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“”A kick from thee, O Jupiter! is sweet”, says the poet Tretiakowsky, in an old Russian tragedy. Rude as those Jupiters of science may be occasionally toward us credulous mortals, their vast learning – in less abstruse questions, we mean – if not their manners, entitles them to public respect. But unfortunately it is not the gods who shout the loudest.

The eloquent Tertullian, speaking of Satan and his imps, whom he accuses of ever mimicking the Creator’s works, denominates them the “monkeys of God.”


It is fortunate for the philosophicules that we have no modern Tertullian to consign them to an immortality of contempt as the “monkeys of science.”

But to return to genuine scientists. “Phenomena of a merely objective character”, says A. N. Aksakof,  “force themselves upon the representatives of exact sciences for investigation and explanation; but the high priests of science, in the face of apparently such a simple question…are totally disconcerted!

This subject seems to have the privilege of forcing them to betray, not only the highest code or morality – truth, but also the supreme law of science – experiment!…They feel that there is something too serious underlying it.

The cases of Hare, Crookes, de Morgan, Varley, Wallace, and Butleroff create a panic! They fear that as soon as they concede one step, they will have to yield the whole ground. Time-honored principles, the contemplative speculations of a whole life, of a long line of generations, are all staked on a single card!””

H. P. Blavatsky

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