understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, do not any longer, I plead with you, allow the human intellect to say these things cannot be, or to accept any longer that only what the human sees is possible of achievement. If it were, it would be a travesty on Life.

Everything of power and blessing that comes to you, Dear Hearts, even in your physical world of activity, is power Invincible. Why not give the power to your “Presence” to do all these wonderful things for you? It is not limited! It would not accept your human limitations or conditions.

You give all power to It to take command of your mind and body, keep you harmonized, and allow Its Mighty Currents to cleanse and purify the human form, and by the expansion of the Light in the cells of your body, dissolve, throw off and consume all the density which is there.

Then the Earth cannot longer hold you here, and you, in the purified physical body, will ascend into the Higher Mental Body, then into the Mighty Electronic Presence, where you become wholly Free, forever Free, from all the limitations and distress of the Earth – not only once, but forever.

It is the only means in the Universe of freeing yourself from the wheel of birth and rebirth.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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