Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“If, therefore, we should ever receive from some contemporaneous Faraday the same fling that that gentleman made years since, when, with more sincerity than good breeding, he said that “many dogs have the power of coming to much more logical conclusions than some spiritualists”, we fear we must still persist.

Abuse is not argument, least of all, proof. Because such men as Huxley and Tyndall denominate spiritualism “a degrading belief” and oriental magic “jugglery”, they cannot thereby take from truth its verity.

Skepticism, whether it proceeds from a scientific or an ignorant brain, is unable to overturn the immortality of our souls – if such immortality is a fact – and plunge them into post-mortem annihilation. “Reason is subject to error”, says Aristotle; so is opinion; and the personal views of the most learned philosopher are often more liable to be proved erroneous, than the plain common sense of his own illiterate cook.

In the Tales of the Impious Khalif, Barrachias-Hassan-Oglu, the Arabian sage holds of wise discourse: “Beware, O my son, of self-incense”, he says. “It is the most dangerous, on account of its agreeable intoxication. Profit by thy own wisdom, but learn to respect the wisdom of thy fathers likewise.

And remember, O my beloved, that the light of Allah’s truth will often penetrate much easier an empty head, than one that is so crammed with learning that many a silver ray is crowded out for want of space; …such of the case with our over-wise Kadi.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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