understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, there is not one of you, Precious Ones, sitting in this room, that if you would deliberately set about it in your attention to your “Presence”, that could not expand the Light in your Heart in one year so It would show through your clothing to the physical sight. I tell you, because I know!

That is your Privilege, if you will be determined enough to have It!

That is why We urge you, Precious Hearts, give your whole attention to your “Presence”, call It into action, then say to all appearances: “YOU HAVE NO POWER, KEEP OUT OF MY WORLD!”

Then as you do that, you will no longer feed your energy to those appearances to harm you longer, because no appearance can harm you unless you feed your energy into it! Won’t you remember that?

The moment you refuse to give your life into any disturbing limiting appearances, then it is finished, so far as you are concerned.

Then as you call It into action you have greater volume, greater power, and can and do produce results that will satisfy any human being in the face of the Earth of the Victory of their achievement.

So today, the Glory is yours, Dear Ones, and We see It so clearly.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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