Isis Unveiled: chapter II (A Deeper Philosophy)

“Even the just and severe rebukes of some of their leading men are of no avail and the fear on the part of men of science to investigate such an unpopular subject, seems to have now become a general panic.

“The phenomena chase the scientists, and the scientists run away from the phenomena”, very pointedly remarks M.A.N. Aksakof in an able article on Mediumism and the St. Petersburg Committee.

The attitude of this body of professors toward the subject which they had pledged themselves to investigate was throughout simply disgraceful. Their premature and prearranged report was so evidently partial and inconclusive as to call out a scornful protest even from unbelievers.

The inconsistency of the logic or our learned gentlemen against the philosophy of spiritualism proper is admirably pointed out by Professor John Fisk – one of their own body.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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