understanding the “i am”…that is you…

Now it applies in your individual life just the same as it does in your city, state or nation; and the problems of the nations today cannot be solved permanently until enough of mankind will call the “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, that will cause such a volume of this Perfection of the “Presence” to come forth in the mental and feeling world, that hundreds of thousands of people will feel the impulse within their feeling world to do the perfect thing –

give justice, perform the service of justice and kindliness, and pour forth the Power of Divine Love to every other person, which is the key to all things of achievement.

Then as that goes on in sufficient volume, suddenly all mankind will come into the One Desire, to bless each other and call forth the Power of the “Presence” to produce Perfection in the world of mankind.

That is the thing which is taking place today, and will expand with the speed of lightning from this time on. Because as the radio activity of the Messengers goes forth and more are reached through the power of the radio, enough people will come to understand this Great Law and begin to call their “Presence” into action, because We have watched the activity of the Beloved Messenger’s Work over the radio to see that It does produce the results.

Out of the hundreds who heard Her over the radio, there are but three people that are not producing results through the Decrees which they heard. I tell you, Dear Hearts, it is a tremendous thing.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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