understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now all of this is the most natural practical thing that mankind can experience; and that is why Beloved Jesus said to mankind: “All of these things I have done, ye shall do!” He meant every word of it.

But afterwards, two hundred years after His Ascension, the human concept so clothed the Great Truth which He had given forth and made Him a special Being, that none of mankind believed that they could do the very things that His Words told them they should do.

I ask you, Precious Ones, to observe the experience of these good Messengers. The transcendent Healings of every description that have taken place in the Class and otherwise, are fulfilling of the Law. If they did not understand this “Presence”, how could these things be done?

You, yourselves, many of you, have had transcendent, marvelous experiences in healing and solving of problems and conditions which were terrifying to you before.

I say to you, Precious Ones, as you will give attention to your “Presence” and call It into action, every vestige and all human sense of limitations will disappear from you and your Life. It has to do it. It is the Law of Life; It is the Law of your Being, and as you continue you will have That Result, because It is the Law of Life.

And not only that, but once you understand first the harmonizing of your feeling and holding it so, then with firm command – now notice, with firm command – to all human limitations or disturbing appearances say: “YOU HAVE NO POWER!”

If you saw from the Inner Standpoint the very activity of the Law that takes place, you would be joyful indeed; for it is just like you threw a ball of Light before you and that forms a Wall of Light which no discordant thing can penetrate when you say to those appearances: “YOU HAVE NO POWER!””

Beloved David Lloyd

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