understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice, Beloved Ones, until this Current touches the top of your head, It is wholly Pure and Perfect; then what changes It?

The feeling which is held in your feeling world is that which clothes that wondrous Pure Energy as It comes forth, in and through your body and out into your world, which would, of Its own volition, produce Perfection, Harmony and Happiness for you.

But because of long qualification of discord through your feelings, you clothed that Energy to produce inharmony in your body, to produce inharmony in your world; therefore, you have unsatisfactory results.

Today you can change it all quickly. Oh, believe it, Precious Ones! How quickly you can change it if you will stop instantly every human feeling, and say to that human self, as this good Messenger did to His in Los Angeles:

“Stop, you human self, you have no more power to cause inharmony in my world. Be silent! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ take command of this mind and body; produce your Perfection and hold your Dominion! Pour you Mighty Light through this body, out into my world and activity, fill it with your Mighty Harmony, your Mighty Directing Intelligence, and hold It there forever!”

As you do that, Oh, Precious Ones, so quickly you will find that all discord dissolves from you and your world, and you stand forth a joyous, happy, confident Being.

Oh, Beloved Ones, so few years ago this good Messenger before was so timid and fearful, and today does he look like it? The same Victory is there for you, if you will.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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