understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I wonder, Precious Ones, do you know that there was a mighty reason for the Messenger coming into your midst tonight? Oh, you Precious Hearts, do you realize that these things don’t just happen. I wish the Law of your Being permitted Me to tell you just all about it, but I may not say more about that, but there is a mighty reason.

Oh, Precious Ones, will you not make yourselves – each one of you in the Call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” – a Pillar of Light moving everywhere you go in your environment.

Let the Radiance of your “Presence” pour forth in and through your mind, body and world in the atmosphere about you, and see how quickly people will begin to feel and say: “How wonderful you have become, what has brought this great change?”

Then is your opportunity to say: “If you care to listen, my acknowledgement of my own ‘God Presence’, the ‘Mighty I AM’, whose Radiance pour through me, is the reason for the harmony which you feel.”

It is so Precious, so Wonderful, Dear Hearts; it is so very clear; it is your Life, just your Life; it is Transcendent, true from your present human standpoint.

But Dear Hearts, it is all so practical, it is just your Life, there is really nothing unusual about it. Your Life! Just think of it; your Life that can produce all Perfection for you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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