understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is the second time that it has been My great privilege to speak to the Students, and words fail utterly to convey My Joy. For within you, within your Light – many of you – I see that Full Power of Acceptance and that Mighty Truth that has gone into action in your world, and will act there and produce mighty results for you.

Will you not accept It with My Love to act there in your feeling world and produce those mighty results for you?

Remember, Precious Ones, in all This Knowledge of the “I AM”, the “Mighty I AM Presence” which Saint Germain has brought forth, no one is urged.

Every one is left wholly free; but We, knowing that Joy and Freedom which It brings to mankind, do you wonder that We plead and plead and plead with you as the Messengers have for more than two years, that you may accept this Great and Mighty Truth and apply It in your world and have your Freedom?

It is quite up to you. No one can apply It for you, Dear Hearts.

You can be given Great Assistance, there is no question about that; but to gain your Mighty Victory, you must take the reigns in your own hands, call your “Presence” into action, and have that Freedom which It brings to you alone through your own application.

Of course, mankind has received immeasurable Assistance, but your Victory can only come through your own application of the “Mighty I AM Presence.””

Beloved David Lloyd

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