Isis Unveiled: chapter I (an axiom of hermetic philosophy)

“Superstitious and blind as it is, a faith conducted on such principles certainly deserves some respect, and can never be offensive, either to man or the true God.

Not so with that of the Roman Catholics; and hence, it is they, and secondarily, the Protestant clergy – with the exception of some foremost thinkers among them – that we purpose questioning in this work.

We want to know upon what grounds they base their right to treat Hindus and Chinese spiritualists and kabalists in the way they do; denouncing them, in company with the infidels – creatures of their own making – as so many convicts sentenced to the inextinguishable fires of hell.

Far from us be the thought of the slightest irreverence – let alone blasphemy – toward the Divine Power which called into being all things, visible and invisible.

Of its majesty and boundless perfection we dare not even think. It is enough for us to know that It exists and that It is all wise. Enough that in common with our fellow creatures we possess a spark of Its essence.

The supreme power whom we revere is the boundless and endless one – the grand “CENTRAL SPIRITUAL SUN” by whose attributes and the visible effects of whose inaudible WILL we are surrounded – the God of the ancient and the God of the modern seers.

His nature can be studied only in the worlds called forth by his mighty FIAT. His revelation is traced with his own finger in imperishable figures of universal harmony upon the face of the Cosmos. It is the only INFALLIBLE gospel we recognize.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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