understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So tonight, in preparation of your Great Privilege as the Mighty, Mighty Light Rays and those Activities of the Fire Element, those Great Spheres of Blue Flame are projected into the warring conditions of the World, may the gathering Power at the Inner Level of the Sacred Fire burst throughout the Earth and put an end for all time, to any way and means of holding war on this Planet for any reason!

You are held very close in God’s Heart Tonight. Your “Presence” will bless you, and I trust that your Higher Mental Bodies will remind you of Me quite frequently the coming year – not that your “Presence” cannot give you Victory, because It can; but We are privileged to assist and keep dissolved around you, many of the things you are not aware of in the outer consciousness.

And so as we prepare to enter into the Great Sacred Momentum of Light, that Power of God’s Love, Victory, and Perfection which has been there so long, let us just be grateful and bless everything which has gone by this year, and hold our faces – your faces to the Light! Mine is already there.

Let Us move forward enfolded in the Mantle of My Love, My Joy, and My Victory!”

Mighty Victory

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