Isis Unveiled: chapter I (an axiom of hermetic philosophy)

“The ancients knew more concerning certain sciences than our modern savants have yet discovered. Reluctant as many are to confess as much, it has been acknowledged by more than one scientist.

“The degree of scientific knowledge existing in an early period of society was much greater than the moderns are willing to admit”; says Dr. A. Todd Thomson, the editor of Occult Sciences, by Salverte; “but”, he adds, “it was confined to the temples, carefully veiled from the eyes of the people and opposed only to the priesthood.”

Speaking of the Kabala, the learned Franz von Baader remarks that, “not only our salvation and wisdom, but our science itself came to us from the Jews.”  But why not complete the sentence and tell the reader from whom the Jews got their wisdom?

Origen, who had belonged to the Alexandrian school of Platonist, declares that Moses, besides the teachings of the covenant, communicated some very important secrets “from the hidden depths of the law” to the seventy elders. These he enjoined them to impart only to persons whom they found worthy.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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