understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This Assistance which is to be given tonight is, My Dear Ones, is beyond words to convey to you, the Full Comprehension of all that It means.

Only as you observe Its Radiance tonight, and experience Its Blessings and Greater Powers over the coming year, will you realize how great has been the Gift of Life and Love to you. Your Privilege is very great!

I say to you again, the Mighty Beloved Harmony gave you the Law this afternoon, and He is determined to help you hold Harmony;

but I am determined that you shall have Victory, and with this Enfolding Radiance from the Unfed Flame there, and with your conscious effort to stand on guard, I trust you shall be a very great disappointment to the sinister force during the coming year. (applause – audience rising)

Thank you, Precious Ones! May that continue during the entire year, and roll around the World for your Victory! (applause) Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated.

Precious Ones, I am going to ask one thing of you which will help you, if you will give me your word of honor that you will live up to it; and this is, when any of the Great Ones explains the Action of the Law to you, don’t allow any sense of depression to come into your feelings because perhaps you have not lived up to It as much as you would like.

Because you fall off the perch a little is no reason you have to be downhearted. Just laugh a little and crawl back up, but be twice as determined to stay up.

I plead with you during the coming year, don’t allow depression to touch your feelings! In place of that, if there seems to be heaviness in your feelings, just say, “Oh no! Victory loves me!” (applause – audience rising) Thank you so much.

May We expand that with Cosmic Love and again flood around the World Our Cosmic Call for Victory, until every Heart turns to the Victory of the Light and is Free from distress forever. Won’t you be seated.”

Mighty Victory

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