understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In calling forth through the Power of Cosmic Love, Its Action to enfold the Beloved Donald, all those blessed ones in the National Defense, and the younger generation, it is a Call which goes to the Heart of Creation.

And the Beloved Sanat Kumara, who has for many centuries drawn Its Mighty Activities here to the Earth, feeling the pull of that Love go forth and enfold those blessed ones in the midst of such frightful conditions, will pour forth His Enfolding Love about that Radiance; and as you accept It, and It is drawn within your atmosphere by your own Higher Mental Bodies tonight. I want you to feel It.

This is no idle imagining! This is an Inner Action of Life’s Great Blessing to you! It will give you very much greater Power of Accomplishment! It will make that which over the last year seemed a struggle to you a joy of accomplishment, and will seem no effort to you, as you remember It and qualify It with the Joy of My Victory.

When you add those two Powers together, the Power of that Unfed Flame and the Joy of My Victory, there is no reason why every one of you in this room tonight, and all under this Radiation, should not move forward into magnificent accomplishment during the coming year. You should be the outstanding Lights of the World, to give the assistance to others which they so much require at this time!”

Mighty Victory

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