understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We from the Ascended Masters’ Octave are concerned with expanding the Victory, which is the Action of the Sacred Fire and the Cosmic Light.

Therefore, whenever there is the slightest opportunity for Us to help expand anyone’s Light, or expand and protect constructive activities, We flood forth everything which can be accepted and used, and We stand ready to sustain and expand It.

We stand ready to make every constructive thing Victorious on this Earth, if mankind will keep their attention upon the Victory they really crave, and which is the only Source of Permanent Happiness.

I do hope that during the coming year, whenever you think of Me, whenever you acknowledge Victory, you shall always acknowledge the Joy of Victory, My Joy of Victory, the Ascended Masters’ Joy and Victory, the Cosmic Joy of Cosmic Victory.

Then you shall know happiness in every thing you do, regardless of what the outer world conditions seem to be.

I want you to feel that your time and energy are qualified and occupied with the Acknowledgement of the Joy of My Victory, for I am determined It shall be so!

There are many of those under this Radiation throughout the World today, who seem to be surrounded by conditions of frightful viciousness; and yet those brave Hearts are silently holding within themselves the Call to the “I AM Presence” and to Us, and holding silently within themselves the feeling and determination to have Victory, the Victory of Light!

So as you move forward in the activities of the coming year, regardless of appearances, just keep surging forward through your hands one wave after another of the Cosmic Flame of My Victory, until It compels the complete release of whatever Cosmic Action is necessary to build to a momentum.

Then any situation you suddenly find has to be handled, will just be swallowed up, as it were, by the momentum of your Acknowledgement of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory.

It shall become that, even though at first it might seem to be the opposite! If you want something done, just acknowledge the Victory of It already manifest.”

Mighty Victory

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