understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Good evening, My Family of Victory! (applause – audience rising) Thank you! May that be amplified until it becomes the Cosmic Flame of Victory that is the atmosphere of Earth, and the only atmosphere of Earth; until all upon Earth is the Victory of the Garden of My Heart and the Garden of your Hearts. Thank you. won’t you be seated.

Tonight, My Beloved Family of Victory, I have come to bring you the Happiness of My Victory. Harmony came this afternoon to give you the Substance and Flame of His Harmony, and to take away some of the things that have been your distress. I come tonight to give you the Flame and Substance of My Victory. (applause – audience rising)

Thank you! There goes another Wave around the World. (applause) Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated, please.

Now as the Flame of Victory, the Joy of My Victory is amplified and released from the Royal Teton tonight, so shall every one of your Life Streams be a Flame of Victory within that Greater Wave – shall continue in action, intensifying and expanding by Our Cosmic Action of the Fire Element wherever you direct It and wherever you decree It to go;

and It shall be held in sustained Action, if you so decree it. I mean the individual activity of it in and around yourselves, and then throughout the World.”

Mighty Victory

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