understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, My Dear Ones, the energy mankind are putting into the defense activities, so-called defense, of destruction – that is all it is!

If all the energy that mankind spend each day in building things that destroy the good God has given – if all that energy were for just one day qualified with the Call for the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love’s Fulfillment of the Divine Plan fulfilled for all, We could sweep in an Action of the Fire Element which would lift mankind out of the shadows forever.

When Magnificent Beings like the Elohim of Purity, your Mighty Lord Maitreya, the Beloved Jesus, the Mighty Saint Germain, and your Blessed Godfre – when Mighty Beings like Sanat Kumara and the Mighty Cyclopea are surging forward periodically Great Cosmic Flames which come under Their Direction, to take out of the atmosphere of Earth the discord mankind have built;

when those Magnificent Beings of Cosmic Power surge forward the Cosmic Flame for the Freedom of all – My Loved Ones, I come to assist you to make the Call that all awaken to the Reality of the “I AM Presence” and these Great Ones, and give Them the acceptance which enables Them to set you Free.

Oh, Precious Ones, as many Manifestations as you have already had – the proof that all of you have had through your own bodies of these Currents of Energy and the Flame of Love which surges through at your Call – even with all you have had, still, My Dear Ones, if you could feel deeply the Majesty of these Beloved Ones to whom you call, if you were to feel completely all They mean to the people of Earth, in one wave of that feeling would their Powers enfold you and surge forward to help you to your Victory.”

Mighty Victory

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