understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“These Mighty Beings who are pouring a Radiation during these Seven Sacred Weeks, wield Activities of the Cosmic Sacred Fire which you can scarcely comprehend! The Magnitude of the Flame which They can direct is past all human concept!

The Authority and Power which They are to the Earth are Overwhelming to everything human, and Their Love is the Greatest Manifestation of the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Therefore, as midnight approaches tonight, We would deeply appreciate it if in your love, gratitude, and adoration to the Beloved Master Jesus, the Beloved Mary, and the Elohim of Peace, you would call forth the Cosmic Flame of Their Victory, to be a Mantle of the Sacred Fire enfolding your loved ones in the National Defense, enfolding our Beloved Donald and the younger generation, enfolding your Nation, and then enfolding all mankind!

Call forth the Cosmic Flame of Their Victory to be the Mantle which enfolds every human body on the Planet, with the Cosmic Sacred Fire that compels all else to cease to be!”

Mighty Victory

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