understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So in the Cosmic Love that is Mine, in the Cosmic Momentum of My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, I seal you tonight!

May you feel It in every atom of your beings; and where there seems to be distress in the body, acknowledge My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, and you shall reveal the Beings of Health, Strength, and the Victory you really are!

It takes your Acknowledgment of Victory; for you cannot continue to speak that Word and not sooner or later feel It with all you are, until Its Light blazes through you and before you and you live within the Heart of Its Love forever!

I enfold you in My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, Forgiveness, and Victory, of the Cosmic Joy which is Mine from the use of the Sacred Fire of Life for Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries, wherein the Victory of that Flame has come forth at My Command. Its pressure is Cosmic and It is forever expanding!

Remember, when you call for Our Flame of Victory, My Flame of Victory, It is the Cosmic Sacred Fire which forever produces Perfection, sustains and expands It to bless all for Eternity.

Therefore, I leave you tonight, and enfold you in the Great Cosmic Sacred Fire of My Love and Victory from Venus!

May every Power of Love and Light in this Universe attend you, and make you My Cosmic Victory in everything you do until your Ascension!

Thank you, My Beloved Legions of Victory! Good night.”

Mighty Victory

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