understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So tonight, I shall not hold you longer but I shall love you stronger! (applause – audience rising) Accept the Fire of My Victory and Power, and call with your Heart’s Love and double It each hour!

I love you, and I can double My Love each hour; and as My Victorious Legions of Light, of whom you are a part, let there go forth tonight that Love from your Heart, and blaze and blaze and blaze My Victory to all!

Thank you so much, and won’t you be seated.

Why do you think My Victory became so great? What do you think gave Me the opportunity to be the Focus for that Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory? That Cosmic Love which transcends every human concept, for that is the Fullness of Cosmic Victory!

Tonight, in reminding you again of the Mighty Outpouring from the Beloved Master Jesus, the Beloved Mary, and the Mighty Elohim of Peace, may you feel Their Mighty, Mighty Glory and Presence beside you whenever you turn your attention to Them.

Every One of Us in the Ascended State can project in or around you are beside you, a Flame within which stands Our Luminous Presence. We can project uncountable billions of them.

Therefore, when I give you the Flame of Love from My Heart, or My Love and Forgiveness and Victory within which stands My Luminous Presence, then “‘I AM’ with you always”, as are the Mighty Jesus, the Beloved Precious Mary, and the Mighty Elohim of Peace; as is every Ascended Master to whom you call!

“‘I AM’ with you always”, applies to all which is of the Ascended Host and Cosmic Activities of Life. Call Them into action, My Loved Ones, and you shall know Peace and Love, Forgiveness and Joy; and you shall be Victory in everything you undertake if you remember to call!”

Mighty Victory

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