understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Keep on acknowledging your Victory, Precious Ones! There is no other way to attain It! If you don’t say, “‘I AM’ Victory”; if you don’t say, “Great Host of Light, give me Victory”; if you don’t say, “Come forth and charge this with your Victory”; if you don’t say “Victory” – in the Name of Heaven, how can you have It?

If you continue to acknowledge It, how can you escape It?

Don’t you see! You are the authority over all the energy, substance, and consciousness which touches your being and world; and since consciousness is One everywhere, you touch everybody everywhere through your consciousness!


So whatever you touch can be charged with Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, Forgiveness, and Victory.

You know, that Decree, “Double it each hour”, is a very remarkable thing! Tonight I am going to put you up to something. I want you to always qualify everything you charge with Victory, with Joy also! Double your Joy and Victory each hour.

You don’t have to become excitable or anything of that sort; but when you understand that Victory, Our Victory, always brings Joy to all Life, except the sinister force – and you couple with It Our Cosmic Joy in that Victory, then the Expansion of the Light is very much more rapid through your emotional bodies, because the Joy of Victory is very great just naturally.

Victory is always a Joy, but when you ask for the intensification of the Joy of your Victory, then do We have a sudden Expansion of the Light which We can use to very great advantage and to your very great benefit.

So Love, Forgiveness, and Victory, amplified by Cosmic Joy, are a combination you cannot exceed anywhere.

I think you will never find a combination which will bring you any more happiness than this I have described, because that is Saint Germain’s Freedom!

You must have Love, Victory, and Forgiveness in order to be Free; and you are really never Free until you are joyous. So these four Qualities are the Cornerstone upon which Saint Germain’s Cosmic Freedom is built!

The Violet Flame goes before to purify; but Love and Forgiveness, Victory and Joy are the Pathway upon which Freedom becomes Eternal to mankind upon this Earth.

So, will you just qualify everything with which you are concerned or connected in any way, with Joy; and if conditions do not seem to have Joy in them, then they need your qualification, don’t they?

That is the very most opportune place to call It forth.”

Mighty Victory

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