understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings at a certain point in the Expansion of the Great Cosmic Activities of this System, minister during certain Cycles of Activity; and then, as Their own Momentum in Its Cosmic Power grows greater, there are Those who are above Them, and They pass on to still greater Cosmic Activities.

These open the door, as it were, and then Those who have served the Light for a long time become Cosmic Beings of Greater Power!

That goes on Infinitely; and when the time approaches for the Kumaras to leave the Earth when the Earth is cleansed, permanently harmonized, and held within the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Peace from the Mighty Elohim of Peace – when that is accomplished, the Kumaras will return to Their Homes on Venus, as will I and Those with Me;

but not until Earth has become the Cosmic Flame of the Victory of Our Love, and you are, each of you, a Flame within that Greater Flame.

Therefore, I want you to feel very close within that Great Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, Forgiveness, and Victory, which “I AM” pouring constantly through all who are constructive, through all who will give acceptance to this Light!

No matter what the appearances are in America, never yield for one moment to the acknowledgment of anything but the Victory of Light for which you call!

Regardless of the appearances, regardless of the plans of all destructive forces, if a group of people knowing this Law continuously call for Our Victory, that Call goes to the Heart of Creation; and every Power and Being of Light in the Universe is compelled to answer the Call, to produce the condition down here which is the Victory for which you call.

This handful of people might not seem much to you in comparison to the millions upon the Earth;


but if your Calls are to the Heart of Creation and you are purifying yourselves as rapidly as you can, you stand steadfast with your attention upon the Source of All Power, and your Call is for the Victory of Light to cover the Earth, then that is like a Shaft of Light to the Great Central Sun, because your Calls go to the Heart of Creation and draw back whatever is required to continue their expansion until that One Shaft of Light has expanded to encompass the Earth, and the shadows have been annihilated by the Flame of My Victory!”

Mighty Victory

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