understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When your Life contains within it the capacity, the ability to call into action the Greater Concentration of Life’s Activities, and to use the Sacred Fire, the Cosmic Light and Consciousness of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings necessary to annihilate all wrong qualities and conditions, why in Heaven’s Name do you feel you are justified in resenting?

You know you are not! So today I am going to release you from that, because many have not understood this particular point.

This is why Jesus said, “In all thy getting, get Understanding.”

Get Understanding of what? How energy acts under your Power of Qualification! How energy acts through your visualizing faculty! How energy acts and pulls upon your attention!

That is the Understanding which sets you Free.

When you come to the Ascended Masters’ Understanding of the Great Creative Word “I AM”, when you really understand that you have your Beloved “I AM Presence” and can accept Perfection or prevent a wrong condition acting, why do you resent anything?

You have God’s Power because you are Life – individualized Life which contains the Cosmic Unfed Flame within your Heart; and when you have the Scepter of Power to accept or prevent a condition here, why do you feel justified in resenting anything?

You never have been justified in resenting, because it is the greatest disobedience to the Law; and I will guarantee anybody on the Planet complete Release from all distress, all illness in the body and lack in the affairs, when resentment is dead and gone forever, and the Purity of Our Love put in its place, to bless instead of resisting anything.

“I AM” asking you today to use your Cosmic Scepter of the Sacred Fire, to take your Dominion through the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Mastery, and use It to annihilate resentment!

Then go on your way like the wind, blessing and purifying all you contact – then will you not be caught by anything outside of your pathway!

The wind does not ask your permission to perform, does it? When you use your Cosmic Scepter of the Sacred Fire, the Violet Consuming Flame, the Blue Lightning of Cosmic Purity, or the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Forgiveness, the Cosmic Flame of My Cosmic Victory or Saint Germain’s Freedom, the Cosmic Authority of the Divine Director – you do not need permission to perform any Service to Life.

Go on your way like the wind! You are Master of circumstance and, wherever you move in the Universe, purify all things and bless all things; then you are Master of all things by your own Scepter of Power, if you accept It!”

Mighty Victory

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