understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Dear Ones, now comes the happy part of which I like to speak. If you will do this, and if it is done completely, so the habit is established of forgiving or just flashing the Violet Consuming Flame or the Blue Lightning of Divine Love from the Great Central Sun through all appearances that are less than Perfection, will you find yourselves and your worlds released from those same qualities!

As you take those human qualities away from the energy in the imperfection you see around you, will your “Presence” and We take away those same human qualities from the atomic structure of your bodies. You will return to your Eternal Youth and Beauty, for nothing ever spoiled it but just discord in your feelings.

Now you know why I offer you My Love and invite you to come into the Garden of My Heart, for no resentment can exist there – none whatsoever! There is no resentment in the Flame of My Victory which I can direct everywhere, and I do direct It whenever It is called into outer action!

So as you are willing to call the Powers of the Sacred Fire into Action in the world about you, to burn away all human qualities and pour the Perfection of My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, Forgiveness, and Victory into all the Substance and energy you contact, so shall sixty percent of it take away from your atomic structure, the discord which outpictures as illness or age or distress.

Resentment, My Dear Ones, in business activities and in home conditions too, is ninety percent of the cause of financial failure or financial lack in the activities of mankind. You cannot have supply when there is held about an individual the frightful vibratory action of hate or resentment.


Now remember, resentment is hate; and from this hour henceforth, never for one moment forget that!”

Mighty Victory

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