understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have been told that you have Friends of Mighty Power! Do you believe it? Yes, sometimes you do, but many times you do not in your feelings! You like to in the intellect, and you try to; but many times that feeling of doubt in the solar plexus just feels that the Master has gone away and nobody seems to be around to help you. That is not true!

We are no farther away from you than your own Heartbeat because We are One with the Flame of your Life!

Therefore, if you seem to lack the feeling of Power of Forgiveness, We can help you! Our Love forgives very readily! We have no desire to hold any feeling against anybody or anything in the Universe, except to burn away that which is discordant!

We can give and flood God’s Perfection of the Sacred Fire into every wrong condition. We have no trouble forgiving, and you should not have!

Oh, My Dear Ones, the hard feelings that are held within individuals sometimes in families for a whole lifetime, produce such illness and unhappiness! Those things, My Loved Ones, carry over into the next lifetime; and they build again and again and again, because the individuals who are frightfully antagonistic to each other are bound by cords of energy in that frightful feeling, and they will come back in family relationship again, again, and again, until one or the other dissolves that frightful quality by rising out of it through Divine Love.

Therefore, you do need Ascended Master Qualities! You do need the Radiation from the Ascended Masters, to make it easier for you to forgive the imperfections of Life which you see everywhere about you!

You can really form the habit of saying to every wrong condition you see in the outer world:  “‘I AM’ the Ascended Masters’ Consuming Flame and Cosmic Forgiveness of that condition! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Flame which consumes those qualities and sets that energy Free, qualified with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Perfection which I know commands the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.”  Then go on your way.

Just form the habit of making the Call. You can call to any One of Us or All. You can call for the Activities of the Sacred Fire, and you have no idea what tons of pressure will be released from your world, especially from your bodies and your feeling worlds.”

Mighty Victory

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