understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now you can be Free today! It is all within your own decision of your own Free Will, how much you want to forgive some other part of Life – how much Victory and Freedom I can give you! I am ready to offer all, but the Cosmic Law demands that you must do a certain part!

You must LET GO, and you cannot let go if you don’t forgive! You don’t let go of the distress in your bodies unless you give God’s Peace – the Flame of Peace to fill the place where the shadows seem to be.

My Explanation is not quite as happy as it was last Sunday, I believe. I mean for your human – I do not mean for you!

My Explanation for you is your Victory and your Freedom; for the human feelings, My Dear Ones, don’t like to be told this, but nevertheless, I would not be your Friend if I were to leave you in the darkness of the misunderstanding of the use of your own energy, when I have the Power to explain it to you – and in that explaining, flood you with the Love and Forgiveness which “I AM”, because that is Victory!

Will you be My Victory in everything you contact until your Ascension? My Love and My forgiveness are My Victory, and so shall It be with you!”

Mighty Victory

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