understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“All energy not qualified with Perfection, in your release of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Mercy and Forgiveness to all energy, will be set free from all qualities of discord imposed upon it through a discordant experience.

Therefore, if you are to be the Flame of Mercy, if you believe and mean your Decree that  “‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and Consuming Flame of all inharmonious action”,  then you will give the Decree and call to your “I AM Presence” to strike Its Sword of Blue Flame into all energy and substance that ever touches your Life from any other Life Stream, and to release every human being from all discord imposed upon the energy of that one’s Life, when it touches you.

Now whether you are great enough to master your own feelings or not, remains to be seen; but if you will do as I have explained, I will do My Part –

because some of your creations and some of those which have touched your Life Streams in the past, will need the Assistance of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, because some of those unfortunate creations have been in the channels of war in the past, and therefore are sustained by the mass feeling of war in the present.

These things you can have cut away from you during the afternoon, if you will let go of them.

If you will remember what your Beloved Saint Germain said:  “Never enter sleep until you have sent to every human being who you have ever felt injured you, the Divine Love and Blessing of your being.”

That is Forgiveness! That is Mercy! That is Cosmic Love! That is the Release of the Freedom and Victory of Light! That is the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

Now your feelings will not want to do this, but you have been shown the way and means by which your feelings, if they be discordant, can be commanded to stop the discord, can be commanded into the Violet Consuming Flame, can be commanded to be purified; and the Command of your “Presence” releases the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Harmony where the discord seemed to be.”

Mighty Victory

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