understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now then, as part of that same Action of the Law, I want to help release you from something else – help you release yourselves, rather.

Many times in your association with each other, or mankind past or present, you have had lovely association with individuals for a time, and sometimes discord and unhappiness drove in, and then you have separated.

Many times in the things which were exchanged during that time, when you contact or use them again, to most people they are but a reminder of the discord of the individual and the unhappiness; and your feeling is to get them out of your world.

Well, where there has been great hate in those who do not know this Law, that is the correct action; but My Dear Ones, you must remember you are dealing with Life every moment, and Life acts according to Law! Life gives Its Energy through you to fulfill Its Divine Plan, regardless of what else is in the world around you.

Now if there has been unpleasant associations with substance of that sort, then those things have become reminders to you of distress.

The way to Free yourselves and to help the other Life Streams be free, whether you are still associated with them or not, is to take the things which were given you in love and happiness at the time when you were harmonious, and give the Command that the good which came through the individual is now taken by your “I AM Presence”, sustained and expanded forever, sent forth in Victory, and held protected!

In that way, you use every gift which has come forth from the Higher Mental Body of the other person. You are cooperating with the Higher Mental Body; and you use that which It gave of good as an opportunity to call forth the sustaining, expanding Power of that good, and to have it protected and held Victorious to bless all Life.

Then, that which was discordant can be purified, if you will but say to your “I AM Presence” and the “I AM Presence” of the other individual:  “‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness of all human selfishness and discord! ‘I AM’ the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness and Consuming Flame of all human consciousness.”

Simply give your Command that everything discordant which occurred between you, is now seized by the Angels of Blue Lightning and annihilated from the Universe – cause, effect, record, and memory, so it can touch no other part of Life and is replaced by the Unfed Flame, which takes possession there and holds dominion forever.  Use that part of your Decree – “take possession, produce Perfection”, et cetera.

In this way, My Dear Ones, you will clear your Life Streams from all discord due to the connection with other Life Streams, with whom you have come in contact in this embodiment – sometimes in former ones.

In that way, you will have Complete Release from all connection with the discordant creations of those Life Streams with whom you associated in the past.

This is a far greater Freeing Activity than you know.”

Mighty Victory

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