understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Beloved Legions of Victory, as I come this afternoon through the atmosphere of Earth, there floods around you a Great Cosmic Circle of Pink Flame, to make you feel the Cosmic Power which is within the Cosmic Love for which you call; for that is the first Part of My Victory!

I told you some time ago that Cosmic Love, Cosmic Forgiveness, and Cosmic Victory were One; for you cannot have one without the other two! As I come into the atmosphere of Earth, it is like receiving a breath of fresh air to step into this room and find the Radiance which is about you, and the calm happiness in your feelings.

I want to thank you for that Radiance in this room today; for I shall come with My Legions and My Beloved Twelve this time to help cut away from you more quickly, some of the things which as yet have not let go of you!  Some of you have not let go of them! Now let us today part company with all that has distressed you.

The first fundamental of that is to give you the Complete Understanding – I mean complete at this time, which is as much as you can comprehend in the intellect, for I shall do the rest of what is required in your feelings.

Please therefore, hold the Harmony, go on with your Decrees, and govern every feeling within your solar plexus. The moment it is not happy and the Purity which you know should be there, then command it into the Violet Consuming Flame; and you shall have Release from some of the things which have been the cause of your distress for so long.

I want to take up today the Explanation of why, if you are to be Free and have the use of these Greater Powers, you must be Free from resentment!

Our Greater Powers are standing above you like an Ocean of Blazing, Dazzling Light – so bright you can scarcely look into It! The Cosmic Flame and Light-Substance awaits the opening to rush through you, and to fulfill your Calls even as the words go forth!

However, that must be held in abeyance until you – understanding the Law consciously of your own Free Will – command that never again shall resentment register in your feelings!”

Mighty Victory

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