tktt: Are They “Spirits Of Light” Or “Goblins Damn’d”?

“Enq:    But if you have such wise and good men to guide the Society, how is it that so many mistakes have been made?

Theo:  The Masters do not guide the Society, not even the Founders; and no one has ever asserted that they did: they only watch over, and protect it.

This is amply proved by the fact that no mistakes have been able to cripple it, and no scandals from within, nor the most damaging attacks from without, have been able to overthrow it.

The Masters look at the future, not at the present, and every mistake is so much more accumulated wisdom for days to come.

That other “Master” who sent the man with the five talents did not tell him how to double them, nor did he prevent the foolish servant from burying his one talent in the earth. Each must acquire wisdom by his own experience and merits.

The Christian Churches, who claim a far higher “Master”, the very Holy Ghost itself, have ever been and are still guilty not only of “mistakes”, but of a series of bloody crimes throughout the ages. Yet, no Christian would deny, for all that, his belief in that “Master”, I suppose? although his existence is far more hypothetical than that of the Mahatmas; as no one has ever seen the Holy Ghost, and his guidance of the Church, moreover, their own ecclesiastical history distinctly contradicts.

Errare humanum est. Let us return to our subject.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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