understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I have another Gift. The Angels of Victory are very Real Beings, but They must be accepted, invited, called into action. Since They only do the Will of Love, may your love sent to Them draw Them into close association – so close in your daily routine, that you are as aware of Them as you are your hands and your feet. They are Part of My Victory!

The Twelve who came with Me are the Guardians of all the Flame which comes forth in acknowledging Victory. When your Heart’s Call draws from your “Mighty I AM Presence” a release of the Flame of Love from Its Heart and sends that forth to produce Victory for others, the Twelve with Me and the Cosmic Angels of Cosmic Victory observe that Flame and clothe It with Our Love to make It Unchangeable as It passes through the atmosphere of Earth to Its destination.

Therefore, when you call forth the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory – from either your own “Mighty I AM Presence” or the Ascended Masters – We are aware of that, because It becomes part of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory for Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries.

I wonder if you can comprehend how great must be a Flame which has grown during all that time, when I have had no other Consciousness in My Being and World but just the Fire of Victory!

When one has lived so long and loved as intensely the Action of the Sacred Fire which is Victory to the Earth forever, then My Love and My Cosmic Flame of Victory must be very great!

I come to abide with you because I want you to know, be, feel, and experience all the Joy that is Mine, only since I became Cosmic Victory.”

Mighty Victory

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