tktt: Are They “Spirits Of Light” Or “Goblins Damn’d”?

“Enq:  Is it true that these men inspire some of your writers, and that many, if not all, of your Theosophical works were written under their dictation?

Theo:  Some have. There are passages entirely dictated by them and verbatim, but in most cases they only inspire the ideas and leave the literary form to the writers.

Enq:  But this in itself is miraculous; is, in fact, a miracle. How can they do it?

Theo:  My dear Sir, you are labouring under a great mistake, and it is science itself that will refute your arguments at no distant day. Why should it be a “miracle”, as you call it?

A miracle is supposed to mean some operation which is supernatural, whereas there is really nothing above or beyond NATURE, and Nature’s laws.

Among the many forms of the “miracle” which have come under modern scientific recognition, there is Hypnotism, and one phase of its power is known as “Suggestion”, a form of thought transference, which has been successfully used in combating particular physical diseases, etc.

The time is not far distant when the World of Science will be forced to acknowledge that there exists as much interaction between one mind and another, no matter at what distance, as between one body and another in closest contact.

When two minds are sympathetically related, and the instruments through which they function are tuned to respond magnetically and electrically to one another, there is nothing which will prevent the transmission of thoughts from one to the other, at will;

for since the mind is not of a tangible nature, that distance can divide it from the subject of its contemplation, it follows that the only difference that can exist between two minds is a difference of STATE.

So if this latter hindrance is overcome, where is the “miracle’ of thought transference, at whatever distance?”

H. P. Blavatsky

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