understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Nothing is Victory except Perfection; and there is no imperfection on this Planet which can stand before the Cosmic Flame of Victory, which comes from those Cosmic Realms of the Fire Element and concentrates that Element to any specific point when you call.

If you want Victory, you must consciously say so, and consciously direct the Power of your of your own Life Streams – because you are the Authority over the energy and the substance in your beings and worlds.

Unless you will specify to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and to the Directing Intelligence of the various Beings who direct this World, unless you will say you want a concentration of Victory at any particular point, the Power of Victory lies quiescent.

Unless you make yourselves the Focus into which It can be concentrated and directed where you will, It does not act for you!

Victory does not act in the world of human affairs unless Harmony is maintained!

Therefore, you who are moving in the outer world of discord, must consciously call forth the Cosmic Flame of Victory, command It to Its Destination, and say whether you want It sustained and expanded or not – to give Us the Open Door through which to bring into the physical world, that which sets you Free.”

Mighty Victory

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