tktt: Why, Then, Is There So Much Prejudice Against The T.S.?

“Theo (cont):  Unfortunately, human nature is so constituted that any good said of a person is immediately forgotten and never repeated. But one has only to utter a calumny, or to start a story – no matter how absurd, false or incredible it may be, if only it is connected with some unpopular character – for it to be successful and forthwith accepted as a historical fact.

Like Don Basilio’s “CALUMNIA”, the rumour springs up, at first, as a soft gentle breeze hardly stirring the grass under your feet, and arising no one knows whence; then, in the shortest space of time, it is transformed into a strong wind, begins to blow a gale, and forthwith becomes a roaring storm!

A calumny among news, is what an octopus is among fishes; it sucks into one’s mind, fastens upon our memory, which feeds upon it, leaving indelible marks even after the calumny has been bodily destroyed.

A calumnious lie is the only master-key that will open any and every brain. It is sure to receive welcome and hospitality in every human mind, the highest as the lowest, if only a little prejudiced, and no matter from however base a quarter and motive it has started.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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