understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now remember, you as the Authority and Directing Intelligence of the Unfed Flame within your Hearts, are always Authority over all that is of the darkness! The darkness is not God Authority. Please remember that! Only the Light is the God Authority of this Universe! Selfishness is not Light! Therefore, it is not Authority! Therefore, it is not Victory!

The Light is Authority, and by your Conscious Command and Directing Intelligence, you can draw Light into darkness! You can command that Light to expand without any limit whatsoever; and wherever It expands, the darkness ceases to be.

You can make It brighter and brighter, as bright as you like! There is no end to the brightness of Light, and no limit to the Intensity of that Light you wish to call forth! Then there is no limit to My Victory, is there?

I told you I had come to bring you Victory! I told you that you could not have Victory without without Forgiveness, because Forgiveness is a Light through your feelings which makes the shadows let go. The Cosmic Love of my Victory is a Flash of Light through your feelings that compels the shadows to flee.

Your Acknowledgment of My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, is My Flame flashing through you and expanding into the atmosphere about you until there are no more shadows, until all substance is Self-luminous.

Now this is why I ask you to take the consciousness of commanding everything you contact to become Self-luminous, as Pure as the Heart of the Goddess of Purity, and My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory!

If you are going to have Divine Order in your world, if you are going to have cleanliness, if you are going to have Perfection, if you are going to have Protection, if you are going to have the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, then this Light of My Victory must abide where the shadows now seem to be!

My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory must take the place of every shadow on the Planet, and one day It shall!”

Mighty Victory

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